Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Truly Android World : How Android Will Rule In Future

If you are an Android fanatic like me, this article is a treat for you, but if you're a hater, this might very well change your perception about the world's most successful mobile OS. Android ! :)

The future in my vision is pure Android. Unlike the way Android is perceived today as being a mere smartphone and tablet operating system, in future Android would be seen at places that it can't be imagined at present. Trust me, when you'll read about where Android is used at present, you'll only be amazed! Then there are no bounds to Android's future use.

Imagine waking up in the morning and checking all your notifications, the weather forecast, mails and read news at a single glance. What's special? You do it all the time on your smartphone? Now imagine doing it on a mirror installed just above your wash basin ! Yes, Japanese company Seraku's Android powered wash basin lets you do just that ! The wash basin consists of a mirror which along with reflecting your beautiful just outta bed look (pun intended!) also couples up as an android screen! Just some gestures and you stay updated of the world's latest happenings before you even brush your teeth. Pretty awesome, huh?

If you think wash basin is indeed a less respectful place for such a robust OS to belong (lol), there is some more news! The Samsung T9000 is one frigging refrigerator awesomely powered by Android (yay!). It boasts of a led screen on its exterior which gives you access to the fridge's controls and also lets you use the Android OS. Food + Android, who would have thought of this deadly combination even a couple of years back !

Ever imagined your fridge sending you notifications about what food items you need to buy on your smartphone? Or may be it will send you a list of glossary items you need to buy via Evernote. No end to possibilities dude, you become the smartest guy on this planet !

Android is being fitted even in your car stereo systems. The Parrot Asteroid makes your car stereo, GPS Navigation and Car to Car communication system into one. Just by bundling all these facilities in a android device ! Well Car to car near field communication does sound pretty interesting indeed !

The traditional TV set at your home might have to be thrown straightaway. Attention bitches, Android TV is here! Television content will be amazingly clubbed in tile formats and more emphasis will be on the content rather than the TV channels. Streaming of web shows and imagine YouTube becoming a drawing room hit ! This is all possible as Google has already announced launching of Android powered TV's with its partners like LG.

Android smartwatches are definitely replacing your old analog ones. Android wearables are already on their way to become smash hits among users. Android wearables also couple up as your very own fitness assistants - by notifying you about your pulse rates, calories burnt and storing them over cloud. There are an infinite number of ways by which you can benefit !

Apart from these I see so many developers discussing wild fantasies of future Android possibilities on top android forums. If the Android guys keep developing at the pace at which they already are, the future of Android seems to me even brighter than the sun. Android shall be seen happily working at places like set top boxes, home automation systems, rear view mirrors, toys, big enterprises and ofcourse the smartphones (duh -_-). This is gonna be fun folks !

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