Friday, June 13, 2014

Top Android forums for users and developers

Whether you are an average user or a novice Android developer or an Android guru, there are great Android forums available online to discuss! These discussions might range from adding customisations to your android device, developing new applications, reviewing new apps or average how-tos and to-dos. These top android forums on the web bring together a community of android users and developers who then collectively solve issues.

As most of these forums are associated with their respective blogs, you can keep abreast with the latest happenings in the world of android by subscribing to their feeds too. Following are some of the top android forums on the web which also happen to be the most friendly ones :)

XDA Developers 

Started in January 2003 initially as a forum solely for developers, XDA Developers has quickly grown into the largest forum for both android users and developers and also the most respected one. XDA community has over 5 million users worldwide and also consists of Windows app developers though primarily being known for android. Discussions here vary from adding customisations to new functionalities. No wonder XDA Developers have made it to top android forums list.

Android Forums aka Phandroid

Android Forums is associated with renowned tech blog Phandroid. You will find solutions to most of the common issues here as this forum is well considered to be one of the most active ones. It has very broad set of handset specific twerks and tweaks. The forum's interface is quite minimalist compared to others like XDA Developers. The heap of android goodness over this forum helps it make it to the top android forums list.

Android Central 

Android Central makes it very easy for average users to get started with android customisations straightaway. Android Central has quite a happening community forum where you can be sure of getting your doubts cleared in no time. Modern look of the forum only makes it more attractive and appealing.

Android Developers Google Group 

The Android developers google group is a must have for people looking to code apps. It has a large knowledge base which also gives us an idea of what's in store for android next. Plus, if you're searching for answers to queries simple or complex, Android developers google group will work for you. The tons of high quality information available here makes this ordinary google group one of the handful top android forums.

Android Development Community | Anddev

The Anddev forum has tons of info about android hacks and development. Though the forum is fast losing its sheen as it is one of the least active forums on this list, which makes it less suitable for posting new queries. I hope this forum bounces back to activity.

Android Forum | Android.Net

 Android.Net top android forums

The Android.Net forum has a wide array of topics covered related to common android tweaks. It looks basic but believe me, it has got some advanced shit explored ! I specifically liked a different section for Android graphics and a different one for audio. I couldn't find this type of classification anywhere else.


AndroidPIT is relatively small compared to the other forums listed above but what works for this forum is that it is quite active. This forum lays more emphasis on app development rather than common android problems. Though, I am sure this forum will solve most of the common queries faced by android users.


Just like others, DroidForums strives to solve users problems through collective effort. It has been doing this since 2009 and it is quite popular too. Another good forum to register.

It is universally acknowledged that being active in the forums is one of the best ways to keep pace with the advancements in the tech world. Apart from these top android forums, there are plenty of other android forums available online (just google'em!). I created this list because I could find the above ones more than sufficient for solving my questions. With such a huge community at its support, No wonder android has bright future! If you feel more forums can be added to this post then feel free to share links in the comment section below! Taadaa!

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